Brandon Messinger

                            Brandon Messinger

Confidence with short hair: (Intermediate) £120 inc Vat

This course is aimed at qualified stylists looking to boost confidence and understanding of short shapes and structure. Key Benefits are being able to deliver salon commercial tailored  styles to clients for an on trend salon friendly feel.

  • Understanding & Approach to short hair

  • 4 Factors of cutting

  • Salon/Commercial Suitability

  • refining Foundations

  • Creative Personlisation

Advanced Salon Creative: (Advanced) £150 inc Vat

This course is aimed at cutting stylists confident in foundations. Helping further critical thinking when cutting to boost repertoire and understanding. Key Benefits are confidence with competitive work and photographic work.


  • Understanding, Analysis & Optimal Choices

  • 4 Factors of cutting

  • Suitability

  • Refining Foundations & Creative personalisation

  • In depth refining